I need a happy end

These last days in Montreal were really crazy. First of all Tassia and I decided to gave up of B. B. King concert in Montreal Jazz Festival. The reason is clear = C$100 is too expensive for us. Hard decision. After that we were noticed that our Mexican visa was arrived. Would be a good news, since we didn’t realize we had to pay C$152 for each one. The worst part of this case is that they give us a kind of visa that we don’t need. As Gunnar Wolf has explained in his blog, debconf6 attendees just need a simple U$40’s tourist visa. Also, he give us a good thought about Mexico’s government. So, I know the real victims were the people of debconf6 organization. I have to be thankful specially to Gabriela and Gunnar for their hard work and patience. We know we are going to have a great time in Mexico!

After we have felt pissed off about the fucking expenses we decided to go to Radiohead concert. I know it doesn’t make sense, but it is the idea. So, in this exact moment, Tássia is in a long line to buy our tickets while I’m here trying to do it by WEB: Le nombre maximal de connexions autorisé pour le site est atteint. Veuillez ré-essayer un peu plus tard s’il vous plaît.
I hope to have a happy end, at least about the tickets… good luck Tássia…

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