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Porquoi Montréal c’est parfait pour Krishna?

Parce que il y’a un jardin botanique avec 22000 différentes espèces de plantes 🙂


apticron (1.1.17) unstable; urgency=low

* put “Default: root” as non-translatable in templates file. Thanks to
Thomas Huriaux. (Closes: #378098).
* add a little sentence in package description about cron-apt, recommending
it for more complex APT tasks. Thanks to Marc Haber. (Closes: #341246)
epylog (1.0.3-4) unstable; urgency=low

* Fix default paths in config files. Now it uses
/var/log/syslog,mail.log,auth.log instead of
/var/log/messages,maillog,secure. Thanks to Sami Haahtinen.
Closes: #373656
* Fix minor lintian warnings
that’s all 🙂

changing again

Ok, but now I have a good reason. I’m starting to “clean” the Debian-BA server. My old website was hosted in this poor, but very useful server and it was consuming some important and rare RAM bits. I decided taking off my personal things from there. Now I’m using the blog service from Actually there are no ads, I hope they stay in this same way for a long time. Other important thing is that I stopped writing in portuguese here. Good news soon… I’ve got a little (non-porn) toy 🙂

first post

Today I have a new web page 🙂