Back to Brazil – thanks to debconf guys for this great event!

Debcamp/Debconf 8 took place at Hotel Dorá, Mar del Plata, Argentina from August 3rd to 17th. I’ve attended this great hacker-friendly meeting since its 4th edition. I have to say thank you very much one more time for all of you who have been working hard to give the world this project. At the moment my special thanks to DC8 orga team, which made an amazing and very high quality event this year.

Debconf 8 official group photo

Also, I’m specially happy this year once I was “officially invited” to apply to DD. Thanks to Daniel Baumann for advocating me. As I said, things when they happen naturally are much more valuable for me. I really appreciate your work in Debian Live project and hope to keep helping you there – even often breaking your git branch 🙂

Well, good news for BrDesktop project. Antônio Terceiro is working with me on the last system issues in order to push it to Lenny while freeze exceptions are allowed. This first BrDesktop release fits in one CD, runs Gnome and give the user a Live and a Install options! WOW!

Finally, I want to say we have missed a LOT Otavio Salvador in DC8. Unfortunately – and as far as I know – the orga team could not assure in time that some issues regarding accessibility would be available according to the specs he had asked for. This made me sad and Debconf lost one of the most crazy-coder Debian guys during its days. I and Tássia decided to volunteer on DC9 in this specific area in order to avoid this kind of problem next years.

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