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[Solved] is it a Standard? Or is it a Standard Plus?

Fender Strat Plus body

Fender Strat Plus body

Some time ago I bought a Fender guitar through Mercado Livre (Brazilian ebay). Until yesterday I was unable to figure out if it was a Standard with extra roller nuts and locking tuners or if I got a real Plus Series with American Standard Pickups – since the original Plus has a Lace Sensor set. So, even being totally satisfied with the instrument, I decided to know what exactly Fender I own. The following pictures confirmed I have a real Plus Series! 🙂 Why is that good? I don’t know. The only thing I can say is that the Plus Series are much more expensive than Standard ones. Not so bad, huh?

This image shows the old look. I had put a white pickguard and a set of Guitar Garage Three Tone pickups. Great 60’s vintage sound! Note the parchment knobs and pickup covers 🙂 Now I put a tortoise pickguard with original American Standard components.

One of the pictures bellow shows you the “swimming pool” for the pickups. It’s a specific “feature” of Plus Series, according to the very informative Xhefri’s Guitars website. Also, the Strat Collector website says:

Notice anything strange about the front of the headstock? Where are the string trees? The roller nut eliminates the need for them. Next time you see a “Strat Plus” on eBay with string trees, you’ll know it’s time to look elsewhere (it’s probably an American Standard with after-market Lace Sensors).

Actually mine has no string trees. Finally, I confirmed it is a 1998 guitar by looking at the dates written under the neck base and checking the serial number on databases. Let’s say I got a half-vintage instrument! Serious, this strat is amazing, much better now with these 3T GG pickups. Just missing a good player here 🙂