Monthly Archives: December 2008

Uploading request for apticron

Hey, I’m looking for a DD who could push apticron 1.1.26 to Debian – once my usual sponsor otavio@d.o is on vacation. thanks!

scottish musician

Auld Reekie, something to be remembered… yep, today is a nostalgic day.

BrDesktop is back…

…well, at least its website 🙂

Since we got Trac 0.11 into Lenny, our great green theme has been broken. So this weekend I decided to spend some time migrating the old stuff to a Genshi template and adapting it for Trac 0.11. Fortunately it worked. Credits go to Skittlish Trac theme, the one BrDesktop’s comes from.

BrDesktop is a Debian Pure Blend* intended to give Brazilian desktop users an easier way of joining the Debian community.

* thanks very much to Andreas Tille for insisting on changing the former (and inadequate) “Custom Debian Distribution ” term. Most important, thanks to Holger Levsen for being strongly opposed to the Andreas’ DISh suggestion! 🙂

gnome-subtitles 0.8 almost there

I’ve finished the first working package for gnome-subtitles 0.8 in Debian, since it adopted SubLib as a separated project:

The main question for me now is about waiting a signing key from upstream or suggesting him to adopt mine in order to get the assembly strongnamed for Debian. Actually I need some reviewing, considering I’m totally ignorant about mono stuff and it’s my first library in Debian.

ps: thanks guys from #debian-mono for teaching me that Chicken has nothing to do with us even currently providing the csc binary 🙂