It’s finally done. For several reasons I moved all my domains from GoDaddy to Gandi.net.

If you are not convinced, so try this. At least you’ll understand the real meaning of brainless marketing.


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    Name.com is also a great alternative register. The only bad I can say about them: they are based in the USA, so domain availability is subject to oddball US laws (DMCA, etc). That isn’t really bad till you realize GoDaddy is under the same restrictions and has a history of draconian, anti-customer enforcement (see nodaddy.com.

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    Hi Tiago,
    I’m about to do the same (for the same reasons). However, I’m having trouble having godaddy send me the transfer code. Of course it’s easy to think bad about that, but before complaining more heavily I was wondering if you encoutered the same trouble …

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      Hi zack, I didn’t have problems getting the transfer codes. Actually, it seemed to be a fully automatic process. The only annoying thing was the insistence to keep me as customer, spamming discounts etc. Btw, the Gandi.net support team has been amazing so far.

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