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Some cool audio stuff for Debian

(I was a kind of impolite in not mentioning any detail about the packages I asked for sponsors in my previous post. Sorry about that. Here I’ll try to summarize what kind of stuff I’m currently trying to push into Debian)

Rakarrak is a nice guitar effects processor for GNU/Linux. An ITP was opened about Jul/2008 with no progress since then. I’ve quite often used this software and it seems to be pretty stable – at least in a i386 system.

Tapiir is a simpler one. It provides a high quality real-time delay/feedback effects which can be useful for any kind of audio output. This software used to be maintained by the Debian QA group. It was orphaned few months ago, removed from the archive and now I’m working to have it back again. I’ve talked to the upstream and he has agreed to have Tappir maintained in collab-maint git repository.

Hey, both support JACK 🙂

(See Rakarrack git browser)
(See Tappir git browser)

Using a HL-340 USB Serial Adapter against 2.6.23 linux kernel

This device is:

idVendor 0x4348
idProduct 0x5523

There is a patch in -mm kernel tree, so I guess it goes to 2.6.24 soon. But if you don’t want to wait, here is a solution using the new ch341 usb serial driver:

wget http://www.csie.ntu.edu.tw/~b94101/ch341_drv.tar.bz2

Then extract the files and comment out lines 301 and 303 of ch341.c file and also line 35 of the tty_ioctl.c file.

Finally run ins.sh to compile and load the modules and use minicom, cu, cutecom or what you prefer to connect to the /dev/ttyUSB0 device.

I’ve seen some people trying to use pl2303 driver with a little patch to use this device. It doesn’t work.