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DebConf9 group photo

DebConf9 group photo

Upload feito originalmente por aigarius

Thanks aigarius!

my wine & cheese top three pictures

An oversaturated DC9 photostream

(also sent to debconf-discuss)

Hey all,

I’ve just uploaded some pictures from DC9. It includes those taken during the Wine & Cheese party. Please contact me in private in case you want me to remove your bad look from there (so I can thing about…)



International Theatre of the Oppressed Conference

Video stream at:

(I’m having a lot of fun by watching tassia singing in german language :))

DC9 – First day

I’ve just published some pictures taken during my first day (night?) in Debconf9. It’s a kind of brainless activity I was able to do tonight after about 18 hours travelling. Enjoy the Chamatrix Metro Station and the nice place we are hosted:

(tomorrow I intend to start some useful work here, so I’m not sure I’ll keep updating this set. I’ll try… promise.)

Just to say I’m alive and…