Monthly Archives: January 2011

new website

I’m switching from WordPress to a virtual private server. I’m playing with a VPS. So far, I’m happy with their domain registration service. Also, they offer some discounts for Debian people. Btw, I still have a promo code for a one month free VPS share which I’m allowed to give away.

For my new website (same old URL) I’m using PyBlosxom over Lighttpd in a Debian GNU/Linux system. I want to keep things simple by git-pushing plain text files for all html content.

For the blog system I’ve just written a plugin which gives PyBlosxom the (very nice!) txt2tags formatter (source: There’re still issues to fix but it’s working quite well.

So, thanks WordPress for all the fish. This is probably my last post here. (although I’m keeping the current account active for comments)